How to Add Items to Your Amazon Wishlist: A Visual Guide

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In today’s digital shopping age, the Amazon Wishlist stands as a modern-day treasure chest, allowing users to curate their desired products in one convenient location. Whether for personal use, sharing with friends and family before a special occasion, or simply bookmarking items for future reference, an Amazon Wishlist makes online shopping a breeze. This informational article is designed to guide you through the simple process of how to add items to your Amazon Wishlist.

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Understanding Amazon Wishlist

First off, before we start, let’s look at what Amazon Wishlist is: An Amazon Wishlist is a feature that allows you to create a list of items that you are interested in but may not be ready to purchase immediately. Think of it as a bookmarking tool for all the wonderful finds you encounter on Amazon. It is also a fantastic way to signal to others what you might like as a gift, come birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

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Setting Up Your Amazon Account

Before you can start adding items to your Wishlist, ensure you have an active Amazon account. If you’re new to Amazon, go to the Amazon homepage and click on the ‘Account & Lists‘ dropdown to select ‘Start here‘ and follow the prompts to create your account.

Creating a New Wishlist

  1. Log into your Amazon account: Navigate to the Amazon homepage and ensure you are logged in.
  2. Access “Your Lists”: Hover over the ‘Account & Lists‘ area at the top-right of the page and click on ‘Your Lists‘.
  3. Create a Wishlist: On the ‘Your Lists‘ page, you will see an option to ‘Create a List‘. Click this button.
  4. Choose ‘Wishlist’: When prompted to select the type of list, choose ‘Wishlist‘. You can create multiple wishlists for different purposes, such as birthdays, weddings, or personal goals.
  5. Name your Wishlist: Give your Wishlist a name that is easily identifiable. For example, “John’s Birthday” or “Summer Reads“.
  6. Set your privacy settings: Decide who can see your Wishlist by setting the privacy to ‘Public‘, ‘Shared‘, or ‘Private‘. A ‘Public‘ Wishlist can be seen by anyone, ‘Shared‘ will be accessible via a link you provide, and ‘Private‘ is only visible to you.
  7. Save your Wishlist: Once you’re happy with the settings, click ‘Save‘, and your Wishlist is ready to be filled.

Adding Items to Your Wishlist

  1. Browse for items: Search for any item you wish to add to your Wishlist.
  2. Select the item: Click on the product to view its detail page.
  3. Use the ‘Add to List’ button: On the product detail page, look for the ‘Add to List’ button, usually found under the ‘Buy Now‘ and ‘Add to Cart‘ buttons.
  4. Choose your Wishlist: A dropdown menu will appear listing your available wishlists. Select the Wishlist you want to add the product to.
  5. Confirm the addition: After clicking on the appropriate Wishlist, the item is automatically added. You will receive a confirmation message, and you can either continue shopping or view your Wishlist to see the added product.

Organizing Your Wishlist

Amazon allows you to manage your Wishlist easily. You can:

  • Prioritize items: Mark items as ‘low‘, ‘medium‘, or ‘high‘ priority to hint at the urgency or desire for the product.
  • Update item details: Change the quantity or variant (such as color or size) of the products in your Wishlist.
  • Remove items: If you change your mind, you can remove items from your Wishlist by selecting ‘Delete item‘ under the ‘More‘ dropdown next to the product.

Sharing Your Wishlist

If your Wishlist is set to ‘Public‘ or ‘Shared‘, you can send it to friends and family:

  1. Navigate to your Wishlist: Go to ‘Your Lists‘ and select the Wishlist you want to share.
  2. Click on ‘Send list to others’: You’ll find this on the top right of your Wishlist.
  3. Choose how to share: You can copy the link provided and send it manually, or use the integrated options to share via email or social media.


Your Amazon Wishlist is a dynamic, user-friendly tool that serves as your own personal catalog of wants and needs. Adding items to your Wishlist is a straightforward process: log in, find your desired items, and click ‘Add to List‘. From there, managing and sharing your Wishlist is just as simple. Whether you’re planning for a special event, keeping track of your personal wants, or organizing future purchases, your Amazon Wishlist is an invaluable resource for savvy shoppers. With this guide in hand, you’re now ready to curate your perfect Wishlist and enjoy the convenience and joy of personalized online shopping.