How to Fix a 403 Forbidden Error on Your Site

Error code403 Forbidden Error
Error typeClient-side error
Error variationsForbidden: You don’t have permission to access [directory] on this server
HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden
Error 403 – Forbidden
403 Forbidden request forbidden by administrative rules
403 Forbidden
Access Denied – You don’t have permission to access
Error 403
HTTP 403
Error causesAccess misconfiguration
Corrupt .htaccess file
Missing index page
Incompatible WordPress plugin
Incorrect IP address
Malware scan and security measures
New web page link
Empty website directory
Example of forbidden error message
Privacy and security in Google chrome
Google chrome clear data
Web hosting .htaccess file download backup
Deleting of web hosting .htaccess
WordPress website Permalinks save change

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