Does Amazon Deliver On Po boxes: What to know about.

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is a go-to for many people. But if you’re someone who uses a PO Box, you might be wondering if Amazon can deliver to you. The short answer is yes, Amazon does deliver to PO Boxes, but there are some things you need to know about how it works.

Understanding PO Box Deliveries with Amazon

PO Boxes are secure mailboxes located inside a post office. They’re a popular option for those who need a reliable and secure way to receive their mail and packages. Amazon recognizes this need and offers delivery to PO Boxes with some limitations.

Limitations to Amazon PO Box Deliveries

While Amazon can deliver to PO Boxes, but there are restrictions:

  1. Same-Day Delivery: You cannot get Same-Day delivery to a PO Box.
  2. Delivery Timeframe: Typically, deliveries to PO Boxes will arrive within the standard three to seven business days.

Why the Restrictions?

The restrictions are mainly due to the carriers Amazon uses. Some carriers, like FedEx and UPS, don’t deliver to PO Boxes. This means that certain products sold on Amazon won’t be eligible for delivery to your PO Box.


Workarounds for PO Box Delivery Issues

If you find a product you want to buy on Amazon, but the seller can’t deliver it to a PO Box, don’t worry – there are ways to get around this.

1. General Delivery Service

One option is to use the USPS service called General Delivery. This service is typically used by those without a permanent address, like RV owners or remote workers. It acts as a temporary address. If a seller or carrier won’t deliver to your PO Box, you can use General Delivery instead. Just put “General Delivery” in the address line of your shipping information, followed by the city, state, and zip code of your area. The package will then be sent to the post office associated with General Delivery in your area.

2. Street Addressing Service

Another service you can use is the Street Addressing service offered by some post offices. This allows you to use the street address of the post office with your PO Box number as the address for your deliveries. This way, carriers that don’t deliver to PO Boxes can still deliver your Amazon packages to the post office, where you can pick them up.

Tips for Using a PO Box for Amazon Deliveries

Check the Seller: Before purchasing, verify if the seller delivers to PO Boxes.

Update Your Address: Make sure your Amazon account has your PO Box listed correctly.

Monitor Your Orders: Keep an eye on your order status to ensure there are no issues with delivery to your PO Box.


Amazon’s delivery to PO Boxes offers a convenient option for those who prefer or need to use this service. While there are some limitations, understanding these and knowing the workarounds ensures that you can still enjoy the vast selection of products Amazon has to offer. Just remember to check the delivery options and plan accordingly to ensure your packages arrive safely at your PO Box.