How To Buy Amazon Mystery Box

Amazon mystery box

Have you ever wondered where you can buy an Amazon mystery box? These intriguing packages filled with surprise items have become quite popular among online shoppers. If you are eager to get your hands on one, you might be wondering where to look.

In this article, I’m going to guide you through the various places where you can purchase Amazon mystery boxes. We will also explain the different options available, including official Amazon channels and third-party websites. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of where to find these exciting mystery boxes and how to get your hands on one for yourself. So, let’s dive in and discover the best sources for buying Amazon mystery boxes!

What is an Amazon Mystery Box?

An Amazon mystery box is a box you buy without knowing what’s inside. It’s a big surprise because it can have all kinds of stuff in it. Think about getting a present and having no idea what’s wrapped up inside. That’s what getting an Amazon mystery box is like. You pay some money for the box, and then you find out what you got when it arrives and you open it up.

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Types of Amazon mystery box

There are different types of Amazon mystery boxes to suit various interests and preferences. Here are some common types of mystery boxes you can find:

Electronics Mystery Boxes

Electronics mystery boxes contain assortments of returned or overstocked electronics and tech accessories. You may receive items like smartphones, tablets, headphones, gaming gear, smart home devices, and more. These allow you to score major brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc. at steep discounts. However, electronics may be returned by customers, so inspect for defects or damage.

Toy Mystery Boxes

These contain surprise grab bags of toys and games, perfect for kids or collectors. You can find action figures, plush animals, LEGO sets, board games, outdoor toys, laser tag sets, and everything in between. Licensed toys like Star Wars, Disney, and superheroes have high collectibility. But the condition can be hit-or-miss.

Fashion & Apparel Mystery Boxes

These mystery boxes contain clothing items, which could range from casual wear to formal attire, and may also include accessories like hats, belts, or scarves. They can be a fun way to discover new fashion styles, although sizes and personal taste vary, which can be a gamble.

Beauty & Personal Care Boxes

Beauty boxes can be quite a treat, containing items like makeup, skincare products, fragrances, and hair care essentials. They are perfect for those who love trying new beauty products and don’t mind the surprise element.

Book Mystery Boxes

Book lovers can enjoy mystery boxes filled with books from various genres. Some boxes may focus on specific genres like mystery, romance, fantasy, or historical fiction, while others might offer a mix for a more diverse reading experience.

Home & Kitchen Mystery Boxes

These boxes can include a variety of home goods, from decorative items to kitchen gadgets, utensils, and small appliances. They are ideal for those who enjoy home improvement and cooking.

When purchasing an Amazon mystery box, it’s important to consider the risk involved. While you may discover valuable or interesting items, there’s also a chance you might receive something that doesn’t match your personal preferences. Always read the seller’s description and policy, check reviews if available, and understand the return policy before making a purchase.

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How can i buy amazon mystery box on Amazon

To buy a mystery box on Amazon, you can follow these steps:

1. Search: Go to the Amazon website and use the search bar to look for “mystery box.” You might need to try variations like “surprise box,” “mystery package,” or “mystery gift” if you’re looking for something specific.

2. Evaluate Options: Browse through the search results to find the mystery boxes available. You will likely see a variety of boxes from different sellers and with different themes.

3. Read Descriptions: Click on the listings that interest you to get more details. Carefully read the product description for each mystery box to see if the seller provides any information about what might be included, the value, and the category of items (electronics, clothing, beauty products, etc.).

4. Check Seller Information: Look at the seller’s information to ensure they are reputable. Check their ratings and read customer reviews and feedback to gauge past buyers experiences.

5. Review Prices: Consider the price of each box and decide if it’s worth the potential risk. Remember, the contents are a gamble, and there’s no guarantee you’ll perceive the value to match the price you pay.

6. Understand the Return Policy: Most mystery boxes are sold with a no-return policy. Make sure you’re comfortable with this before you proceed with the purchase.

7. Add to Cart: Once you’ve selected a mystery box, add it to your cart.

8. Proceed to Checkout: Go to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to log in to your Amazon account or create one.

9. Enter Shipping Details: Enter or confirm your shipping address.

10. Complete Payment: Choose your payment method and confirm your order.

11. Order Confirmation: After the payment goes through, Amazon will send you an order confirmation email with the details of your purchase.

12. Track Your Package: You can track your package’s delivery status via the Amazon website or app.

Is there any other place that i can buy Amazon mystery box

Yes of course, you can buy mystery boxes from various places other than Amazon itself. Here are some options where you might find such boxes for sale:


This is a popular auction and direct-sale website where sellers offer all kinds of mystery boxes. Always check seller ratings and read the auction description carefully.

Liquidation Sites

Sites like,, and work directly with retailers like Amazon to sell wholesale liquidated merchandise like customer returns and excess inventory. This can include mystery box-style grab bag listings at steep discounts.

Overstock Resellers

Companies that sell overstock and wholesale lots from major retailers will sometimes carry Amazon mystery boxes. Search for “overstock resale companies” or “liquidation wholesale” in your area. They may offer mystery boxes locally at their warehouse.

Catalog and Deal Sites

Sites like and that sell discounted goods in flash sales and daily deals will occasionally offer Amazon mystery boxes, especially around the holidays. These come from business partnerships and excess inventory deals with Amazon.

Social Media Groups

Join groups like “Amazon Mystery Boxes for Sale” on Facebook where individuals resell mystery boxes sourced through Amazon contacts or won at auctions. You can sometimes find Grab Bag listings in local buy/sell groups too.


In conclusion, buying an Amazon mystery box is like going on a treasure hunt. You pay a set price without knowing exactly what’s inside, which adds a bit of surprise and excitement to your shopping experience. To get your own mystery box, simply search for ‘mystery box’ on Amazon, choose the one that sparks your interest, and wait for the surprise to arrive at your doorstep. Remember, the fun is in the mystery, so keep an open mind and enjoy the unboxing adventure!