Uncovering the Cheapest Amazon Country: Where to Find the Best Deals

What is Amazon cheapest country

As one of the world’s largest and most popular e-commerce platforms, Amazon has become one of the most popular online markets all over the world. With its vast product selection, competitive pricing, and reliable shipping, the platform has revolutionized the way we purchase goods online.

However, did you know that the prices and deals you will find on Amazon can actually vary quite a bit depending on which country you are shopping from? That’s right—Amazon’s pricing is not always consistent across its various international marketplaces.

In fact, for savvy shoppers, navigating the differences between Amazon’s country-specific sites can unlock significant cost savings. But which Amazon country offers the cheapest prices overall? That is the question we will be exploring in this comprehensive guide.

By the end, you will have a thorough understanding of the key factors that influence Amazon pricing globally, as well as the specific countries that tend to offer the best deals for online shoppers. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to maximize your savings when making purchases through the Amazon platform.

Factors That Impact Amazon Pricing Globally

Before we discuss which Amazon country has the lowest prices, it is important for you to first understand the things that can cause price variations across different Amazon marketplaces worldwide. Here are some important factors to consider:

1. Local Market Conditions: The economic situation, how much people want to buy things, and the level of competition in each country can affect the prices you see on Amazon. For example, if a country’s economy is doing well and people are buying a lot, prices may be lower due to increased competition among sellers.

2. Currency Exchange Rates: The value of money can vary between countries. When you are comparing prices on Amazon’s international sites, differences in currency exchange rates can make products seem cheaper or more expensive, depending on where you are buying from. For instance, if your country’s currency is stronger than another country’s currency, it might seem like the prices there are lower when you convert it to your currency.

3. Import/Export Duties and Taxes: When products are shipped between different countries, there may be additional charges like taxes, tariffs, or fees imposed by the governments. These extra costs can drive up the final price you have to pay.

4. Shipping and Delivery Costs: The expenses involved in shipping and delivering products can vary depending on where you are and where the product is coming from. For instance, we all know that if you are buying a product from a country far away, the shipping costs might be higher, which can affect the overall price you see on Amazon.

5. Product Availability and Variety: The range of products available on each Amazon website can differ. Some items may be more popular or commonly sold in certain countries, while others may be harder to find. This can lead to price variations. For example, if a particular product is in high demand in one country but not as much in another, you may see different prices for that product on Amazon’s websites.

6. Seller Pricing Strategies: Third-party sellers on Amazon can set their own prices for the products they sell. They take into account factors like their own costs and the market they’re targeting. This means that you might find different prices from different sellers for the same product. For instance, one seller might have lower prices because they have lower costs or want to attract more customers.
Understanding these factors is essential when comparing prices on Amazon’s international websites. It helps you make sense of why prices may differ and allows you to find the best deals based on your location and needs.

Identifying the Cheapest Amazon Country

So, with all of those variables in play, which Amazon country actually offers the cheapest prices overall? Based on extensive research and analysis, the consensus among experts seems to point to one clear winner:


Yes, that’s right – the Amazon India marketplace is widely considered to be the cheapest Amazon country for online shoppers.

There are a few key reasons why India consistently comes out on top in terms of offering the lowest prices on the Amazon platform:

  1. Lower Cost of Living: India generally has a lower cost of living compared to more developed countries. This means that products sold on Amazon India tend to be more affordable for shoppers.
  2. Favorable Currency Exchange: The Indian rupee has a lower exchange rate compared to major global currencies like the US dollar, British pound, and Euro. This means that Indian customers have more buying power when shopping on Amazon.
  3. Reduced Taxes and Import Duties: India’s tax structure and import policies for e-commerce are usually more favorable, resulting in lower prices for customers.
  4. Localized Seller Pricing: Many sellers on Amazon India set prices specifically for the Indian market, rather than just converting international prices. This can lead to more affordable options for customers.

Of course, the specific prices you’ll find on Amazon India will vary greatly depending on the product category, brand, and seller. But the general trend is clear – India offers some of the most consistently low prices across Amazon’s global marketplaces.

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How Much Cheaper are Prices on Amazon India?

To give you a better sense of the pricing differences, let’s look at some concrete examples comparing the same products across various Amazon country sites:

Example 1: Apple AirPods Pro

  • Amazon US Price: $249 USD
  • Amazon UK Price: £239 GBP (roughly $300 USD)
  • Amazon India Price: ₹24,900 INR (roughly $310 USD)

Example 2: Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera

  • Amazon US Price: $496 USD
  • Amazon Canada Price: $696 CAD (roughly $540 USD)
  • Amazon India Price: ₹26,995 INR (roughly $335 USD)

Example 3: Instant Pot Duo 60 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker

  • Amazon US Price: $79 USD
  • Amazon Germany Price: €99 EUR (roughly $105 USD)
  • Amazon India Price: ₹5,995 INR (roughly $75 USD)

As you can see, the prices on Amazon India are significantly lower than what you’d find on the US, UK, Canadian, and German Amazon marketplaces for the same or similar products. The cost savings can be quite substantial, often ranging from 20-40% or more.

Of course, these price differences can also fluctuate over time due to the various factors we discussed earlier. But the general trend of India offering the cheapest Amazon prices is quite consistent.


How to Access and Shop Amazon India from Other Countries

Accessing and shopping on Amazon India from other countries involves a few simple steps. Here’s a guide to help you shop on Amazon.in from outside India:

  1. Visit Amazon India: Open your web browser and go to the Amazon India website directly by typing amazon.in into the address search bar on Amazon website or you just click here to take you there immediately.

  2. Sign in or create an account. When you reach there If you already have an Amazon account in another country, you can use the same login details to login to Amazon India. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create a new account.

  3. Search for Items: Once you are logged in, you can search for items you wish to purchase. Keep in mind that not all items may be available for international shipping.

  4. Check International Shipping: On the product page, there should be information indicating whether the item can be shipped to your location. Make sure you are signed in so that Amazon can provide accurate information based on your address.

  5. Add Items to Cart: Select the items you want to buy and add them to your cart.

  6. Proceed to Checkout: When you are ready to purchase, proceed to checkout. Here, you will be able to review shipping costs and estimated import duties. Amazon coordinates with courier services for customs clearance on behalf of the customer.

  7. Enter Shipping Address: Provide the address where you want the items to be delivered. Amazon will display the list of products eligible to be shipped to your selected delivery location.

  8. Choose Shipping Option: Select your preferred shipping option. Amazon offers different shipping speeds, so you can choose one that matches your needs.

  9. Payment: Enter your payment details. You can pay with an international credit card or other payment methods accepted by Amazon India.

  10. Review and Place Your Order: Review all the details of your order, including the items, shipping address, payment method, and costs. If everything looks correct, place your order.

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Potential Drawbacks of Buying from Amazon India

While the lower prices on Amazon India are certainly enticing, there are a few potential drawbacks and limitations to be aware of as well:

1. Shipping Times: If you are ordering from India to another country, it may take longer for your items to arrive compared to other Amazon sites.

2. Returns and Refunds: Returning or getting a refund for items bought on Amazon India may be more complicated or have more restrictions compared to other Amazon country sites. It’s important for you to understand the return policies and procedures before making a purchase.

3. Language and Cultural Barriers: Navigating the Amazon India website and customer support may be more challenging for non-Indian customers due to language and cultural differences.

4. Payment Methods: Depending on where you’re located, the payment options accepted on Amazon India may be more limited or require additional steps. Make sure you have a suitable payment method available before placing an order.

5. Customs and Import Duties: When shipping purchases from Amazon India to another country, you may have to pay additional customs fees and import duties. These extra costs can increase the overall price and should be taken into account.


After looking at all the information, it’s clear that India is the Amazon country that generally offers the cheapest prices overall. 

So if you’re looking to get the best deals on Amazon, make sure to check the India site in addition to your local Amazon marketplace. With a little effort, you can unlock significant savings on a wide range of products. Happy shopping!